The Walton Family


If I show my soul

Would you share yours with me?

Let the ages roll

We could go down in history

We could go, if you love me.


The Dalton Family


A day spent with you

is my favorite day.

So today is my new favorite day!


Girls and Giggles | Event Photography | Woodstock, VA


These girls— seriously, I love these girls!! These girls have been friends since 2001, when Oakli and Sophia met in their kindergarten class. Our family has been blessed by this simple friendship. The Husson family has three girls and all three of them feel like an extension of my own daughters. They have brought much joy and laughter into our home over the years. The entire family (sans Megan and her new husband James) came to Oakli’s reception and the girls picked up right where they left off. It was so great to see them, and I loved running across these photos as I was editing. Next time, Megan, we need to make sure you are there!



Clayton & Savannah | Engagement Photographer | Buena Vista, VA


Cause your whole heart’s a village

Everyone you love has built it

And I’ve been working there myself

And that’s where I’ll be

With a front-row seat

To watch you live your life well

-Camaron Ochs


Sidney | Infant Photography | Shenandoah Valley, VA


A baby is born with a need to be loved-

and never outgrows it.

-Frank A. Clark