180 Days


Since I started my business over two years ago I had to find a balance with my time.  I truly enjoy snapping pictures and editing them but I had to be sure that my time with my family wasn’t compromised.  I have learned that weddings take a huge chunk of time and I need to really limit the number of weddings I do. I have learned that I love, love senior and children sessions.  They are awesome.  I have also learned that family sessions are fabulous for other reasons than just shooting a family.  I love seeing how they interact with each other, watching siblings rival and then fawn over each other.  I have learned that infants like to be warm, really warm. And I have learned that I love to watch mothers with their new little bundles.  I have learned that it is okay for me to be something other than a wife and mother.  I have learned to see myself in a different way, to appreciate things I might have otherwise missed.

So with all of this I have decided to blog 180 days of my life.  Starting on Independence Day I am going to post a picture each day that represents something about my life.  I hope it helps me to follow the advice of this quote a bit better.

“We would do well to slow down a little. Focus on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see the things that matter most.”


Found in this video put out by my church.

What Matters Most


So today I leave you with a little bit of life in Virginia…




See you on Monday:-)





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