A Teenager’s Room


So my oldest is about to turn 16… scary I know. Anyway I realized that she only had three years left living at home in this room and I thought it was time for her to have a change.

So I started with this bedding from PB Teen.

From there I tossed around a lot of ideas…
should I go beachy…
should I paint stripes on the wall using the colors from the bedding…
should I this…
should I that…

Then it hit me and after gathering a few supplies I got started. This is what her room looked like before.

Phase 1— Cleaning and prepping

I had to sand the walls to get rid of the ridges between the stripes. After that I wiped all the walls down then I taped and taped and taped.

Phase 2— The Paint

Phase 3— Now we are getting to the good stuff

I love this… they look so cool on the wall.

Phase 4— The finished product

She loves it… I love it… now if only she would keep it clean:-)

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Marian - October 14, 2011 - 8:39 am

The room is SO fun! What a good idea to use the records. She’ll love bringing her friends here, or just escaping into this fresh world by herself. So you did all this and then turned around and worked your guts out at my place? Man, lady, you know how to work. BTW, I love the senior shots, but I must say, the back to school stuff with the apple and tights is my fav.

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