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A recipe for love

a spoonful of smiles

a jar of joy

a cup of kisses

and a handful of hugs.


Opportunity & Growth | Photo Journalism | Washington DC Temple | Personal Post


I wasn’t sure I was going to post these photos, because photo journalism isn’t my typical venue. However, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to hear about the renovation of my beloved Washington D.C. Temple.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This temple is a sacred place. A sacred place of worship that is now closed for two years for some major renovations. Much needed renovations. It has not been closed for any extensive period of time since the day it opened in 1974. It’s getting a major overhaul on the inside. There will be some changes to the landscape on the outside but for the most part it will look the same. I am excited to see how this beauty looks in two years.

I was asked to attend the press conference with my husband, who facebook lived the event and wrote an article about it. I was asked to take some pictures that could be used immediately in some press releases, as well as some that could be used over the next two years on social media sites that would update the progress of the renovations. I was terrified at first, afraid I wouldn’t deliver the right photos for the purposes they needed. It was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up, so I decided to approach it as a learning and growing experience.

As I look back over it now, I am so glad I didn’t turn it down. It was all I suspected it would and more. We took our boys with us and they pitched right in and helped where they were needed and learned some new things about the temple. The pictures that follow are only a sampling of what I took that day, but they are the ones that really spoke to the experience this was for me. I hope you enjoy them.




The Walton Family


If I show my soul

Would you share yours with me?

Let the ages roll

We could go down in history

We could go, if you love me.


The Dalton Family


A day spent with you

is my favorite day.

So today is my new favorite day!


Girls and Giggles | Event Photography | Woodstock, VA


These girls— seriously, I love these girls!! These girls have been friends since 2001, when Oakli and Sophia met in their kindergarten class. Our family has been blessed by this simple friendship. The Husson family has three girls and all three of them feel like an extension of my own daughters. They have brought much joy and laughter into our home over the years. The entire family (sans Megan and her new husband James) came to Oakli’s reception and the girls picked up right where they left off. It was so great to see them, and I loved running across these photos as I was editing. Next time, Megan, we need to make sure you are there!